Considerations In The Formation Of A Business Entity

Decisions about what type of entity to use when considering the formation of a business entity are complicated. There are many factors to consider including owner/operator liability, federal and state taxation issues, management goals, business ownership structure, and exit strategies, among other equally as important issues. Prudent business formation planning early on can help eliminate the need to restructure your business organization at a later time, which can be a stressful, expensive, and a time-consuming process. Continue reading “Considerations In The Formation Of A Business Entity”

Domestic Violence Charges in California

If you are facing domestic violence charges in California, the charges can be pursued as a felony or misdemeanor depending on whether there was the perpetrator inflicted “corporal injury resulting in a traumatic condition.”  The California Penal Code section for domestic violence can be found is 273.5. It is referred to as a wobbler because the prosecutor has discretion to charge the crime as a misdemeanor or felony.

In California, when domestic violence is charged as a felony the criminal defendant faces between 2 and 4 years in state prison. A criminal defendant could be sentenced to up to a year in the county jail if the prosecutor charges the crime as a misdemeanor. Regardless, criminal charges are serious and you need an experienced criminal defense attorney that defends against domestic violence charges.

An individual that is found guilty of domestic violence in California faces more than time behind bars. There are other ways in which a domestic violence conviction will affect the life of someone that has been convicted. You will lose your privilege to vote If you are found guilty of a felony domestic violence crime. Whether you are convicted of felony or misdemeanor domestic violence, you will not be allowed to own a gun.

A good domestic violence attorney will protect your rights and defend your honor and freedom. To discuss your domestic violence charges or other criminal defense matters and learn how an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you, contact Macias Counsel, Inc. today.

H&R Firm Awards Announced

Many colleges and universities already have MOUs in place with local law enforcement authorities covering a variety of areas.  Our conversations with campus administrators, campus police, and law enforcement have underscored the need for additional tools and strategies that are specifically tailored to the dynamics of sexual assault on campus, as well as the needs of sexual assault survivors.  The task force is providing this sample MOU with that in mind.


Detroit’s Lawyers Defend Billing

In court papers, lead law firm Jones Day and others that helped Detroit navigate its historic debt restructuring made a case—at the request of U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes—for why their hourly billing rates and final tab are reasonable. Officials at Jones Day, who pointed out they had already cut $17.7 million from their tab, defended the $53.7 million in fees charged for roughly 17 months’ work.


Real estate attorney Bill Kuehling

Bill advises developers, nonprofit corporations, and public entities on a variety of real estate transactions and infrastructure finance. He has more than 20 years of experience in real estate development, public/private partnerships, land use, and municipal law, and serves as an advisor to national developers seeking tax abatements, tax increment financing, or any other redevelopment opportunities across the St. Louis region.


For Foreign Law Firms in Australia

The gamble of doing business in Australia came into sharp relief this past week when one U.S. law firm parted ways with Australia while another global firm took its relationship with the country to a whole new level.

New York law firm Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP announced that it’s shutting down its offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong in coming months. Meanwhile, global law firm Dentons unveiled plans to merge with mainland Australia’s largest law firm.