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Macias Counsel Inc. is a boutique law firm committed and dedicated to personal service and high-quality counsel for our clients. We strive to build strong client relationships and work diligently to achieve our clients’ goals and objectives. Macias Counsel, Inc.’s aggressive and direct approach provides innovative and sound solutions to complex problems. We truly provide unmatched representation and absolute dedication to all of our clients.

Working With Macias Counsel

1. Why Work With The Best?

In any legal practice, the party with the better lawyer has an advantage. Get this advantage for yourself and call us today.

2. Individual Attention

Our boutique size allows us to give our clients the highest degree of dedication possible. This dedication, along with our history of proven effectiveness will be an invaluable asset to you.

3. Litigation Specialists

Macias Counsel has many multi-million dollar verdicts in litigation. Put this powerhouse to work for you.

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